Being A SHARE Ambassador


First of all, my name is James and I am the SHARE Ambassador for Bolton Sixth Form College in Lancashire, I am a first-year student and I got involved in SHARE through my tutor Ms Wilkie-Jones who is the co-founder of SHARE. The first time I got involved with SHARE was during the ‘Rucksacks and Handbags campaign’ we were doing in association with Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme, I spent my free time handing out leaflets to the public, local businesses and places like the town library which was very successful, and a number of people rang up and donated after finding the leaflets. 

My second experience as a SHARE Ambassador was meeting Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and talking with him about a meeting in the future to get SHARE into schools and colleges in Manchester, it felt like I was making a difference with my suit and my pad talking to the most powerful man in Manchester. 

To be a SHARE Ambassador you need to have passion and you need to be committed to the cause, SHARE is a grassroots organisation and, so it thrives off members who are active and are willing to go out and campaign for those who need help; a SHARE Ambassador is proactive and will come up with new ways to help the homeless and raise awareness. The role of SHARE Ambassador is vitally important because that person is in charge of SHARE in their school/college and so they have great responsibility to run SHARE campaigns and events smoothly within their community and help those who need it.



Follow James’ progress @JamesWCopper & @SHARE_Bolton